Show your endless running action in the underwater world in Kiko Run Game
July 16, 2021

Who doesn't know Kiko? children's animated series characters that air every week at 09:00 am on RCTI since 2014. KIKO Together with his friends POLI, LOLA, PATINO, MAYO and TINGTING always add to your excitement just to accompany you to spend time when you are free to play in the form of the Mobile game Kiko Run .

In the game you can control Kiko and take him to run as fast as he can, jump and slide while avoiding various obstacles that you encounter in the game field. Comedy game with endless running action in the underwater world Kiko always brings joy in every game, how not? In addition, you are given the opportunity to play gatcha every 2 hours to get items that you can upgrade to add strength to your power ups.

Come on, prepare yourself to challenge your friends!, prove your prowess in the Kiko Run game to become the top Rank! By participating in the Kiko Run Competition, there are many prizes with a TOTAL MILLION RUPIAH! run with Kiko in the game Kiko Run, prove your prowess and be at the forefront. Stay tuned on our social media @mncgamescom.

You can play the Kiko Run game on the RCTI+ application. Download it on the PlayStore or AppStore, then open the RCTI+ application and the games feature is on the top right screen of your smartphone. Lots of other fun games too!

KIKO Run and LOLA Bakery are several game products from MNC Games and part of MNC Animation, a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Studios International Tbk (MSIN).

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Kiko Run this friendship game can be played from children to adults. Taken from an adaptation of an MNC animated series Animation that airs every Sunday at 09:00 on RCTI entitled KIKO. Kiko Run is presented with a very relaxed gameplay without complicated mechanics. Endless Run game is full of cute and funny action with its underwater world, making fans more active and imaginative so that it can be one of the exciting entertainments. In the near future, MNC Games as the Kiko Run game development company will hold a Kiko Run Competition with a total prize of tens of millions of Rupiah.
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What you need to do first is you need to upgrade the Power Up you have. You can buy in the Shop or play Gachapool to increase your power. With the increase in your Power Up, you can use it to destroy existing obstacles or obstacles and you can more easily collect coins to increase your score. The more you play Kiko Run and upgrade your power ups, the higher the level you will get. And the higher the level you get, the more scores you will get because the score you have will of course be multiplied (multiplier) by your level. So, so that you can outperform your opponent's score, you need to upgrade your power up so that your level also increases and the total score will be multiplied by your level.
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