September 17, 2021

Hi Gamers and Kiko Friends! Are you having trouble leveling up your Kiko Run game? Don't worry, there are easy tricks you can do to increase your level in the Kiko Run game. This trick will also help us to upgrade Power Up you know! Wow, how do you do that, huh? Keep reading the article below to find out!

Kiko Run is a very fun endless run game that anyone can play. This game is an adaptation of the MNC Animation animated series which airs every Sunday at 09.00 on RCTI with the title Kiko. Kiko Run was created to make users more active and imaginative. Besides Kiko Run, there is also the Lola Bakery game which is a game produced by MNC Games and MNC Animation which you can also play to relieve your boredom.

Apparently, there are still many players who have difficulty increasing their level in the Kiko Run game. Are you one of them? Even though there are easy ways you can do to increase your level, you know. Yes that's right! With the Power Up upgrade you have, you can increase your Kiko Run level. To be able to upgrade the Power Up you have, you only need to go to the Gachapool feature. Gachapool is a feature game in Kiko Run. This feature is like a lottery that contains a jackpot in the form of power ups, tokens, or coins. To play Gachapool, you can pay with coins, tokens, or for FREE. Wow, so easy, right?

You can immediately upgrade your Power Up with the Power Up parts you get in Gachapool. The more Power Up parts you get, the faster you can upgrade your Power Ups and increase your level. You can get more scores and get more profits. So much fun, right?

MNC Games, which is part of MNC Animation, is a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Studios International Tbk (MSIN).

Don't forget to download the RCTI+ application to find updates about Kiko Run, Lola Bakery, and other games. You can also watch soap operas, movies, Korean dramas, and other entertainment features only on RCTI+. Also download the FREE Kiko Run and Lola Bakery games only on the Play Store and App Store. Let's immediately raise your level and look forward to the next Kiko Run Competition!

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