Welcoming the New Season, BIMA S Presents at Indonesia Comic Con 2022
October 5, 2022

The animated series by BIMA S children will be back soon with Season 2 on RCTI. The presence of BIMA S is highly anticipated by animation fans considering its success in entertaining and stealing the hearts of viewers in Season 1.

Welcoming the presence of BIMA S Season 2 on October 23 on the RCTI screen, BIMA S will first be present at Indonesia Comic Con 2022 which will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center on Saturday – Sunday, October 1 – 2 2022.

Indonesia Comic Con is a pop-culture event that is presented in the form of an exhibition with a focus on comic books, animation, games, superheroes to blockbuster films from Indonesia to the world. So those of you who want to meet the excitement of BIMA S can come to Indonesia Comic Con 2022.

MNC Portal and Animation will have a booth at this Indonesia Comic Con event where BIMA S fans participate in interesting activities at the booth and get interesting merchandise from BIMA S. Not only that, they can also take pictures with BIMA S Original Helmets at the Booth location.

No less exciting, visitors can also enjoy game products from PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) in the form of 109 Games+, Kiko Run, Lola Bakery and Game Fight of Legends which are planned to be released this year.

PT ESI is also planning to release a new game later this year called Fight of Legends, a 5v5 action game where this game takes place in a fast-faced or fight right away (direct fight) by carrying Hero Brawler as the genre of this game.

BIMA S is an animated series produced by MNC Animation under the auspices of PT MNC Digital Entertainment (MSIN), with the genre "action" and "adventure" telling the story of Satria, a teenager who is spontaneous, brave, and likes to explore. He is able to transform into a BIMA S figure, the adventures of BIMA S will be accompanied by five of his friends to fight evil monsters and Infernus the great enemy who has ambitions to rule the universe.

"Now this time, MNC Animation will promote the animation BIMA S SEASON 2 which will premiere on October 23, 2022 on RCTI. We hope that the BIMA S animation promoted by the COMIC CON event will get high enthusiastic support from COMIC CON visitors in welcoming this NEW SEASON. Not to forget, we also invite Indonesian children to always be active, creative and support domestic products such as BIMA S and become works to be proud of," said Suhendra Wijaya, Head of Marketing and Communication of MNC Animation.

Later BIMA S Season 2 will be present at the same time, every Sunday at 10.00 WIB on RCTI! Look forward to the premiere of BIMA S Season 2 on Sunday, October 23, 2022.

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