Tense! Satria's story in "Death Race" in Bima S Every Sunday May 9 on RCTI
May 8, 2021

What are the most exciting activities on Sunday mornings? Of course, gathering with friends and family while watching the Bima S animated series on RCTI. This animation and superhero action and adventure genre tells about the adventures of Satria and his friends in gathering the power of 7 Matrix.

This time, Satria's expertise in riding a motorcycle will be tested. Satria must risk his life by driving his motorbike on steep and winding roads to protect the Masked Warrior matrix. Satria's safety was even more threatened when the violent Tree monsters attacked with deadly tendrils.

Will Satria succeed in maintaining the Matrix? Don't miss the excitement of this week's BIMA S episode! Watch it every Sunday (9/5/2021) at 10.00 WIB only on RCTI.

Bima S does not only offer action battles and exciting adventures, but also convey moral messages, such as the value of trust, friendship, struggle and sacrifice. This Indonesian superhero will continue to come with various surprises and animation fans can always look forward to and can also encourage the growth of local animation that can compete in the international arena.

The Bima S program can also be watched on the RCTI + application or www.rctiplus.com and don't forget to subscribe to the Bima S Animation youtube for the latest updates.

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