September 24, 2021

Hi Kiko Friends! Are you starting to feel bored with your monotonous activities? Or are you just lying down during this pandemic without doing any activities? Instead of just doing the same thing, it's better for you to play daily tasks on Kiko Run, you know!

Kiko Run is a very fun endless run game that anyone can play. This game is an adaptation of the MNC Animation animated series which airs every Sunday at 09.00 on RCTI with the title Kiko. Kiko Run was created to make users more active and imaginative. Besides Kiko Run, there is also the Lola Bakery game which is a game produced by Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) which you can also play to relieve your boredom. How to?

You can play Kiko Run and complete daily tasks that appear in your Kiko Run game. Every time you successfully perform a daily task, you will get a reward in the form of coins, tokens, diamonds, or Power Up parts. This daily task is along the way you play the Kiko Run game, and can be shaped like a comic or Shuriken. You only need to collect comics or Shuriken according to your capacity to be able to get the reward. Keep in mind, this daily task only has 30 times, and you can do the daily task once every day for a month. If you manage to play the daily task for a full month, there will be a jackpot waiting for you at the end of the month. If you don't manage to play the daily task for one day, then you have to do the daily task from the beginning.

Wow, you won't feel bored with the daily tasks in Kiko Run every day. You can continue to play and practice your ability to play Kiko Run to prepare for the upcoming Kiko Run Competition. Kiko Run and Lola Bakery are several game products from Esports Star Indonesia (ESI), a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Studios International Tbk (MSIN). This game can be played by anyone regardless of age, which is certainly fun and very interesting.

Don't forget to download the RCTI+ application to find updates about Kiko Run, Lola Bakery, and other games. You can also watch soap operas, movies, Korean dramas, and other entertainment features only on RCTI+. Also download Kiko Run and Lola Bakery games for FREE only on Play Store and App Store!

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