Kiko Run Endless Run game full of addictive action, play only with the RCTI + application
May 14, 2021

Sometimes many problems that hit us in everyday life make it seem as if we want to escape from reality. Run to a place to calm down or hide.

Eits, don't do it. Problems must be faced, not run away. But for stress relief, you can play running games. Instead of running from reality, you better have fun with Kiko in the Kiko Run Game. The Endless Run game is full of cute and funny action with its underwater world, making the fans more active and imaginative which can make a boredom killer entertainment. Kiko Run is a game taken from the character of the children's animated series Kiko, which airs every week at 09:00 on RCTI +. A friendly game where the main character is Kiko, and also his friends who are ready to help like LOLA, POLI, PATINO and TINGTING.

The essence of the game is that you have to run as far as possible, jump and slide while avoiding obstacles such as trucks, poles, or boards in the middle of the road that can outwit you. Not only in one lane, you also have to move between lanes to avoid obstacles. Moreover, there are many choices of costumes that you can wear for your character.

What are you waiting for, Kiko Run is getting cooler, collect more coins! play now only applied RCTI +. Select the "Games +" menu at the top of your cellphone screen. Besides that, there are many other exciting and challenging games that you can play.