October 13, 2016

In this episode we will witness POLI trying to cheer up KIKO who lost again in a soccer match. POLI tried to cheer him up by inviting KIKO to play the game Mermaids and Dragons. At first, KIKO was not at all excited, but once he succeeded in completing one mission, KIKO became excited for other missions. POLI and KIKO are also adventuring in the game world and leveling up. During playing the game, the soccer team members kept looking for KIKO for training several times, but there was no answer. Until finally LOLA, PATINO, and POLI, who apparently had not played games, were shocked to see that KIKO had not left the house for three days because they were busy playing Mermaids and Dragons.

KIKO was surprised by POLI, LOLA, and PATINO who followed him into the world of Mermaids and Dragons. POLI and friends promise to help KIKO level up and defeat the Green Giant, but on the condition that KIKO has to rest after that. But when the four of them started to fight against monster after monster, POLI and friends realized that KIKO always played alone and didn't want to cooperate with them. At that time, suddenly the Triplets from the KIKO ball team came, surprising KIKO who did not think they would chase him to the game world. KIKO hastily selects a mission to play and flees, and is teleported to the Green Giant Cave, a difficult mission. KIKO was easily defeated by the GIANT, and after failing many times, KIKO decided to stop playing.

At his house, KIKO was again chased by the phone calls from the Twin Three, as well as the POLI and LOLA phones who were worried about him. Because the phone was continuously switched off, an angry POLI went straight to KIKO's house and checked on him. KIKO doesn't want to return to Mermaids and Dragons because it keeps failing. KIKO also refused to come to the ball match that day because their team had never won. "You can't keep running away!" POLI who was annoyed finally invited KIKO to return to Mermaids and Dragons, to face the Green Giants. LOLA and PATINO also helped and by working together, they finally succeeded in defeating the Green Giant. POLI, who was excited, invited them to go on an adventure again in the next mission, but KIKO firmly refused. "There's still one more boss I need to beat."

Apparently KIKO decided to go back to his ball match. He collaborated with his team members, especially the Triplets, and together they managed to score a goal against the giant goalkeeper, GONZALEZ, who reminded KIKO of GREEN GIANT at Mermaids and Dragons. Team KIKO wins, everyone celebrates! KIKO et al plus the football team posed in their Mermaids and Dragons costumes.

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