October 13, 2016

What happens when 'OCEANO', LOLA and KARKUS 'favorite TV Series is suddenly stopped? LOLA together with fans online discussed and agreed to create an ideal ending for OCEANO with a stage play. LOLA asked for help from KIKO, POLI, and PATINO to portray the characters in it and started their practice with scripts and costumes made by LOLA. Throughout their practice, a mysterious man was seen watching them.

Meanwhile, KARKUS, who was curious, came to see their practice and began to improve the entire storyline and LOLA costume according to his personal taste. KIKO, POLI, and PATINO who contributed to the idea were also excited. decided to leave this project because the drama they made was no longer like OCEANO, especially because KARKUS had taken over everything. KIKO, POLI, and PATINO visited the sad LOLA at their home, and gave a surprise: they uploaded the LOLA script on the OCEANO fan forum. It turned out that everyone loved it! KARKUS, who didn't want to be outdone, also uploaded his work, but nobody liked the script; they just love the costume made! KIKO also unites LOLA and KARKUS, that they can finish this drama with a script made by LOLA and costumes made by KARKUS.

On the show day, all the fans who came were touched by their performance. KARKUS also gave his director hat and recognized LOLA's ability. When they all return to the stage for the bow finals, the mysterious man who had been following them suddenly descends with a rope from the tower (decoration) dramatically, and introduces them as Derek, the missing director of OCEANO! Derek admitted that he was touched by their drama and decided to continue the last episode of OCEANO. LOLA and KARKUS are very happy! But when the episode finally aired, it turned out to be a disappointing story, LOLA and KARKUS actually preferred their ending to the original.

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