Join the Kiko Run Competition and get a total prize of tens of millions only on RCTI+
August 6, 2021

Kiko Run is a game produced by MNC Games that can be played by all ages. Kiko Run is adapted from MNC Animation's animated series entitled "Kiko" which airs every Sunday at 09.00 WIB. This endless run-themed game is presented in a relaxed manner and of course hones one's dexterity. We will be presented with views of the underwater world and Kiko's attractions facing obstacles as fun entertainment.

Currently, the Kiko Run Competition is underway. With a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah, MNC Games invites you to take part in this competition. The conditions are quite easy, First, register on the Kiko Run Competition Form in the Kiko Run Game Details only in the RCTI+ application, Enter your RCTI+ account in the Kiko Run game, then enter the "KIKOCOMP1" group leaderboard from the Kiko Run game.

The three main requirements must be met by each participant who will take part in the Kiko Run Competition by entering valid data according to the data on the ID card / Family Card to be validated if the participant wins the competition. Winner selection is determined based on the rank on the predetermined group leaderboard.

The winners with the highest scores will get a total prize of up to tens of millions of rupiah. However, the winner whose data cannot be validated will be disqualified by the committee and the decision is absolute.

What are you waiting for? Download the RCTI+ application for FREE via the Play Store or App Store, then enter the RCTI+ application and select the 'Games+' category in the upper right corner. Immediately join the Kiko Run Competition and get a total prize of tens of millions only on RCTI+. RCTI+ also provides free movies, series, Korean dramas, and news services.

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