October 1, 2021

Hello Kiko Friends and Gamers! Do you know there is a secret trick that can be used to help you become the champion of the Kiko Run Competition? Not only being the champion of the Kiko Run Competition, you know, you will also get a lot of scores just by using this secret trick. How do you do it? Before you take part in the upcoming Kiko Run Competition, take a look at the article below!

Kiko Run is a very fun endless run game that anyone can play. This game is an adaptation of the MNC Animation animated series which airs every Sunday at 09.00 on RCTI with the title Kiko. Kiko Run was created to make users more active and imaginative. Besides Kiko Run, there is also the Lola Bakery game which is a game produced by Esports Star Indonesia (ESI).

Kiko's friends, have you prepared yourself to take part in the Kiko Run Competition this time? Or are you still having trouble increasing your score and level? Don't worry, you still have time to win the Kiko Run Competition. You can also use the multiplier as a shortcut to become the champion of the Kiko Run Competition! How do you do it?

What you need to do first is you need to upgrade the Power Up you have. You can buy in the Shop or play Gachapool to increase your power. With the increase in your Power Up, you can use it to destroy existing obstacles or obstacles and you can more easily collect coins to increase your score. The more you play Kiko Run and upgrade your power ups, the higher the level you will get. And the higher the level you get, the more scores you will get because the score you have will of course be multiplied (multiplier) by your level. So, so that you can outperform your opponent's score, you need to upgrade your power up so that your level also increases and the total score will be multiplied by your level.

With a multiplier you can get a higher score and be superior to other players. You also have the opportunity to get the title of champion of the Kiko Run Competition with this shortcut, you know! You can practice your ability to play Kiko Run to prepare for the upcoming Kiko Run Competition. Kiko Run and Lola Bakery are several game products from Esports Star Indonesia (ESI), a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Studios International Tbk (MSIN). This game can be played by anyone regardless of age, which is certainly fun and very interesting.

Well, that's one way that you can follow to become the champion of the Kiko Run Competition! How? Are you looking forward to joining the Kiko Run Competition? Wait for the next Kiko Run Competition info on the Official Account @mncgamescom and the RCTI+ application. Download the RCTI+ application on the Play Store and App Store to watch Korean dramas, soap operas, movies, games, and other entertainment features only on RCTI+. Play Kiko Run and wait for the next Kiko Run Competition!

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