New Game Genre 5v5 Multiplayer Action Game: Fight of Legends Ready to Entertain Gamers, Don't miss it!
November 23, 2022

Jakarta, 23 November 2022 – What Indonesian game lovers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The newest game in collaboration between PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) and Game Developer from South Korea, Sugar Works called Fight of Legends is finally coming to the hands of all Indonesian gamers. Coming with the 5v5 Multiplayer Action Game genre, this game is ready to entertain and accompany gamers in their free time.

After going through several test stages, at the end of this month, to be precise, Wednesday 23 November 2022 at 10.00 WIB, the game Fight of Legends was officially released at Studio RCTI+ Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. The Fight of Legends game was released as well as a Press Conference which was broadcast live on the RCTI+ platform.

The game release event was attended by Executive Chairman of MNC Group, Hary Tanoesoedibjo; CEO of PT ESI, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo; CEO of Sugar Works, Mr. Won Jung-yang, gaming community, and National E-sports Teams. Apart from that, this event also presented 2 Guest Stars and 2 special Casters to support the successful release of the game Fight of Legends.

Prior to the release of the game, PT ESI has carried out several stages from internal testing to Focus Group Test (FGT) to ensure the quality of the Fight of Legends game is ready. At this stage the FGT was carried out by inviting several gamers to try playing the Fight of Legends game and providing constructive feedback for the success and success of this game to be accepted by gamers.

Several interesting and no less exciting features are also ready to enhance the playing experience of all gamers, one of which is through the Crafting System feature which will become a mainstay feature later.

“Our partnership with Sugarworks adds to our advantage in the game industry in Indonesia. Despite PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk's dominant position in the content production, IP ownership, and media distribution sector, this not only provides a major advantage in game promotion synergies, but also allows us to rapidly release on a large scale and test the rollout of further expected features. in the game industry today," said MNC Group Executive Chairman Hary Tanoesoedibjo who is also CEO of PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk.

Furthermore, the potential of Indonesian Esport including mobile games, according to Hary Tanoesoedibjo, is very large and is no less than e-commerce. "It's huge, I see that the biggest entertainment business in the world is mobile games," he said. With the launch of the Fight of Legends game, Hary Tanoesoedibjo also expressed a hope. He wants this collaborative game between PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) and Sugar Works to grow rapidly through various competitions and talent search.

Meanwhile, CEO of PT Esports Star Indonesia Valencia Tanoesoedibjo said he was optimistic that Fight of Legends could be accepted by the Indonesian people and was ready to go international. "Fight of Legends has planned to go global with plans to expand to Southeast Asia and Global next year. We hope that Fight of Legends will be well received and be able to compete in the global game industry.

PT Esports Star Indonesia is a business unit of PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk and is part of the MNC Group, which is the largest and most integrated media group in Southeast Asia.

Get complete and updated information regarding the release of the game Fight of Legends as well as detailed information regarding this game through Fight of Legends social media, Instagram, Facebook Fan Page Fight of Legends.

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