Get Power Up Invincibility in Kiko Run Game Easily Now!
September 1, 2022

Hello Kiko Runners! Do you know? Now you can get Power Up Invincibility in the latest Kiko Run game very easily, you know!

Kiko Run is an endless run game adapted from the animated series MNC Animation which airs every Saturday at 07.30 WIB and Sunday at 09.00 WIB on RCTI or Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 WIB on MNC TV with the title Kiko. Kiko Run is a game produced by PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) under the auspices of MNC Digital Entertainment.

As we know, in the Kiko Run game there are many Power Ups that you can use to help you get as many scores as possible easily, you know, one of them is Invincibility. The first way to get Invincibility, you can get it directly along the area when running in the Kiko Run game area.

The second way is to buy Invincibility Power Ups in the Shop feature in the Kiko Run game, besides Invincibility, you can also buy other Power Ups which of course can help you get a lot of scores. And the last way, you can get Invincibility by watching ads or ads that exist when you are playing the Kiko Run game.

Come on, download the latest version of Kiko Run on the Play Store, App Store, or click the following link right now.

You can also play the latest version of the Kiko Run game on Games+ by downloading the Vision+ application on the App Store, Play Store or clicking the following link .

Until now Gamesplus (Games+) has hundreds of games that can be played on the Visionplus application. Gamesplus (Games+) is part of PT. Esports Star Indonesia (ESI), which is a subsidiary of MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk (MDE).

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