BIMA S Season 2 Legendary Weapons Comes to RCTI This Week!
December 16, 2022

Sunday mornings are fun watching BIMA S Season 2 animation with the family, as usual. Of course, with an increasingly exciting story in each episode.

In the episode Legendary Weapons, the audience is reminded again of the first episode of BIMA S Season 2, when Nadra-Rama turned into an amulet when Bima was defeated by Infernus in the black hole.

So, in this episode, Satria and friends are trying to find a way to revive Nadra-Rama. Can they do it?

Follow the full story in episode 8 of BIMA S Season 2, Sunday, December 18, 2022 at 10.00 WIB only on RCTI. It can also be watched via the RCTI+ application or

BIMA S is an animation created by the nation's children produced by MNC Animation. A subsidiary of MNC Pictures, which is also part of PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk (MSIN).

This animation has succeeded in becoming a favorite family entertainment every weekend. Evidenced by the achievement of BIMA S receiving the 2022 KPI Awards Anugerah Award for the Best Animation Program Television Category on 15 October.

Keep watching BIMA S on RCTI. Not only presenting exciting action and adventure, but also providing a moral message about truth, friendship, struggle, and sacrifice.

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