BIMA S Sacred Forest Episode
September 1, 2022

Bima S is an animated series by the nation's children that fans have always been waiting for. This action and adventure genre superhero animation, broadcast every Sunday, tells about the adventures of Satria and his friends in gathering the power of the 7 Matrix.

This time the Matrix is in a dangerous forest "Sacred Forest". For the sake of Matrix, Satria et al must face a mysterious giant monster and if trapped there will become skeletons! What will Satria et al do?

Don't miss the excitement of this week's BIMA S episode! Watch every Sunday (14/08/2022) at 10.00 WIB only on RCTI.

Bima S is an animation product from MNC Animation, a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Digital Entertainment, always committed to providing the best.

Watch Bima S, which not only offers exciting action and adventure, but also provides a moral message about truth, friendship, struggle, and sacrifice. This Indonesian superhero will continue to come with various surprises so that his fans are always waiting for him.

The Bima S program can also be watched on the RCTI+ application or

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