BIMA S In “Skylar” Episode
September 25, 2021

What are the most exciting activities on Sunday mornings? Of course, gathering with friends and family while watching the animated series Bima S on RCTI. This action and adventure genre superhero animation tells about the adventures of Satria and his friends in gathering the power of the 7 Matrix.

This time, Satria's body and soul are threatened!! Not only about the Matrix and Monsters, but behind it all there is a big secret that has finally been revealed! What happened exactly?

Don't miss this week's episode of BIMA S! Watch every Sunday (26/9/2021) at 10.00 WIB only on RCTI.

Watch Bima S, which not only offers exciting action and adventure, but also provides a moral message about truth, friendship, struggle, and sacrifice. This Indonesian superhero will continue to come with various surprises so that his fans are always waiting for him.

Bima S animation product from MNC Animation, a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Studios International Tbk, is always committed to providing the best.

The Bima S program can also be watched on the RCTI+ application or

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