Bima S in Showdown Final Episode
October 14, 2022

What are the most exciting activities on Sunday mornings? Of course, gathering with friends and family while watching the animated series Bima S on RCTI. This action and adventure genre superhero animation tells about the adventures of Satria and his friends in gathering the power of the 7 Matrix.

Seriously, the 7 Matrix is in Infernus' hands! Earth is in danger of being destroyed! The life-and-death battle between Bima and Infernus has finally happened! They had to fight with all the strength they had. What is the fate of planet Earth?

Don't miss the excitement of this week's BIMA S episode! Watch every Sunday (16/10/2022) at 10.00 WIB only on RCTI.

Bima S is an animation product from MNC Animation, a business unit of MNC Pictures which is a subsidiary of MNC Digital Entertainment, always committed to providing the best.

Watch Bima S, which not only provides exciting action and adventure, but also provides a moral message about truth, friendship, struggle, and sacrifice. This Indonesian superhero will continue to come with various surprises so that his fans are always waiting for him.

Look forward to the premiere of BIMA S Season 2 “The Hero Returns” starting October 23, 2022, which will be available every Sunday at 10.00 WIB on RCTI!

The Bima S program can also be watched on the RCTI+ application or

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