MNC Animation ( MNCA ) has been established in Jakarta on 22 May 2011. MNC Animation is one of the subsidiaries company of MNC Group, focusing to develop IPs into animation production and related IP business. MNCA has completed several animation series such as "Entong" season 1 & 2 and "KIKO" pre-season.

With the strong commitment from MNC Group's CEO, Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo, MNC Animation's CEO, Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, and Mrs. Ella Kartika as MNC Animation’s  Deputy CEO, MNCA is ready to announce its first international project TV series called “KIKO” to the world. Already the top-rating animated children’s series on Indonesian free-to-air TV, KIKO has quickly captured a lot of interest from International market, and currently many different regions and pan deal process going on, including major distribution partners.

Furthermore, KIKO and his band of friends will be vividly brought to life in exciting attractions set to delight visitors of all ages at Indonesia's first world-class theme park resort, slated to open in Lido in 2020
KIKO animated TV series started from a comic series published in Just for Kids magazine. The storyline and characters are designed not just to be only entertaining, but also to convey good moral messages, especially for children.

Just For Kids (JFK) magazine is a Bilingual Magazine was launched in June 2010 by Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo with a vision to enrich the children's knowledge, develop imagination, and build good character. It is targeting readers aged 5 to 12 years old in the middle to upper income group (ABC category).

In a bid to turn KIKO into “the Best 3D CGI Animation series in Indonesia”, MNCA recruited more than 200 Local animators and also with Local/International partner studios, with the most advanced technologies in the industry to support. Following its successful launch in February 2016 on RCTI, the number 1 Free-to-Air TV station with the widest reach in Indonesia, KIKO has become one of the most famous animation character among the kids.
Airing every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. with weekly fresh segment, KIKO has achieved by far the best rating (averaging 20 percent share ever since it's launched) in the same time slot among all 11 Free-to-Air Channels, competing with various different genres, and the rating is still going up.

KIKO has also garnered instant recognition from industry, winning the Panasonic Gobel Award 2016 for “Best Children’s Animation” on Oct. 14th, 2016.
On September 2017, KIKO won Indonesian Television award 2017 for Favorite Local children animation.  

KIKO will be our first animation to enter overseas markets and will become the icon of Indonesian Animation. MNCA will continue to grow stronger in production, and will produce more IPs. We are currently developing five more new shows and will be producing those shows in parallel from 2017. By the year 2020, we will have created 10 IPs and we will also start to produce Feature Animation.

MNCA’s other IPs planned for launch in 2017, the very first follow by "KIKO" is “Zak Storm”, this will be globally launched in late 2017. Together with “KIKO” and "Zak Storm", MNCA is also in development for more NEW IPs and will be airing following years. They are “Titus”, "BIMA-Animation series", "the GIANT 8" and much more.

About KIKO

KIKO is a fish boy living in an underwater valley named ‘Asri Town’ with his best friends POLI, LOLA, PATINO and TINGTING.
As kids in the neighborhood, they ride bicycles, play video games and paint houses together. But, when adventure calls they would go as far as retrieving an exotic flora from a dangerous volcano!

Living alongside them, is the flamboyant KARKUS and his sidekick PUPUS, who from time to time bump into their lives with their witty schemes and shenanigans. Together, they KIKO and his friends will have to solve their problems and make the day peaceful once more.

The series consists of 11-minute x 52 episodes, and the next season is already being prepared. (KIKO pre-season is also available, which is a pre-school show that has completed production in 2014 in 7-minute x 39 episodes.)