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March 07, 2017

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Jakarta-based MNC Animation (MNCA), is the kids and family content arm of MNC Group, one of the largest multi-platform media companies in Southeast Asia.

Targeting both a domestic and global audience, MNCA plans to produce 10 new original properties by 2020. To start with is Kiko, the company’s first CGI-animated series to enter the international market.

Kiko follows the underwater, problem-solving adventures of a fish boy and his best friends The 52 x 11-minute action-adventure comedy is the aged-up version of MNCA’s existing 39 x 7-minute pre-school series of the same name.

Since premiering on RCTI in February, Kiko has become the Indonesian free-to-air TV channel’s top-rated animated children’s series.

Targeting kids between 4 to 14 of age, Kiko airs every Sunday at 9 a.m. It is also the highest-rated children’s programme in its time slot among Indonesia’s 11 free-to-air channels. And it averaged a 20 percent share in its first year of broadcast.

 To produce the highest-quality show possible, MNCA recently opened a new state-of-the-art studio in Jakarta that can accommodate 450 people and partnered with 200 Indonesian animators.

Although the company has been able to expand, resources remain MNCA’s biggest challenge. It is said that there aren’t many schools and institutes in Jakarta. Hence, it’s really hard to recruit people. But the studio is planning to open branches in Bandung or Yogyakarta.

To help grow the sector, MNCA launched an animation development programme last October that’s currently training 80 interns for potential work on its new productions. When the training is concluded, MNCA were able to hire 52 interns as MNCA’s employees, which is great success of their own recourse build up program. Second batch will start on April 2017.

Among the studio’s upcoming shows for 2017 are Zak Storm, a co-pro with Method Animation (France), Zag Toon (US) and SamG (Korea), and Titus, an MNCA original kids and family detective show featuring problem-solving animal characters.
Other projects in development include an animated version of the hit Indonesian live-action superhero series Bima and a robot- and toy-driven action series entitled The Gian 8.



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